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Managing our fleet of over 50 mobile devices has never been easier thanks to the friendly and pro-active approach of the team at Key Communications,  who have helped us contain our costs even though our fleet has more than doubled in size. Key Communications have regular review meetings with us to ensure that we understand the latest plans and options and how they can best be applied to our business.
The team at Key Communications are always available to answer questions as they arise and to offer suggestions to prevent issues before they arise. The frustration of dealing directly with the many departments of the telcos is alleviated by having a single point of contact at Key Communications.
Keeping up to date with the latest Technologies, Key Communications are able to offer advice on the best solutions to suit our business. Whether it be the selection of hardware, mobile and fixed line plans, minimising bill shock, educational seminars and vendor presentations I am secure in knowing I have access to the professional team at Key Communications with their many years of industry experience.

Geoff Skyring | IT Manager QTK Group


Geoff Skyring | IT Manager QTK Group

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