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I would like to say how pleased I am with respect to the proactive account support received by the Keycomm team.
When we first started working with the Keycomm team we were aware that we may not be getting the best from our Telstra account. Key Communications helped review all of our Telstra accounts, pointed out issued, such as paying for services we did not need, and more than we should for those services we did need.
Keycomm have worked hard with us over the last few years, and continue to do so, to greatly reduce our spend while increasing the amount of Telstra services we receive.
The service and support we receive from Key Communications when I contact them for any Telstra issues, or anything else is excellent, especially with respect to mobility support. Key Communications also keep me up to date with what Telstra has to offer, in all our business communication environments.
I thoroughly recommend Key Communications to any business, who wants to get the best from their business communications and from Telstra.

Tanya Whidbourne | Operations Manager Pitch Partners


Tanya Whidbourne | Operations Manager Pitch Partners

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