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I mentioned to a colleague recently, that I had become very frustrated by the lack of service and support being provided my current Telstra representative. I was advised that I should consider dealing with a provider named Key Communications.
Subsequently, the Keycomm team promptly organised a meeting to discuss my issues. I was impressed with what was said and promptly engaged Key Communications to assist me in obtaining a new line and ADSL data plan, into one of my shops. I had been told on numerous occasions over the past 2 years, that this was not available, due to limitation in the Telstra network.
However I have been advised to submit an application and within 2 weeks both my additional line was connected under an ADSL plan. This allowed me to retire the current wireless set up at that shop; it is now my backup solution.
Key Communications solved my problem at this site and has since provided proactive support to ensure, that I get the best from Telstra at all times.

Henry Koster | Director Crown Currency Exchange


Henry Koster | Director Crown Currency Exchange