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Telstra 4GX Brisbane Mobile Data Speed Test Results

4GX has been launched in Brisbane, with the network recently expanding to cover our Toowong offices. While a couple of our team members where out and about this week, speed tests were performed to determine what speeds where available in and around Brisbane. Here are the screen grabs…

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Toowong 5G - 4G Speed Test

Toowng Speed Test

Westend 5G - 4G Speed Test

Westend Speed Test

Telstra said customers with 4GX (has been referred to as 5G) category 6 devices could expect download speeds of between 2Mbps and 100Mbps, while customers with 4GX category 4 devices would experience typical download speeds of between 2Mbps to 75Mbps.

The 700Mhz spectrum not only represents faster download (and upload) speeds, but also deeper penetration, improving data performance while inside buildings.

What does this mean for your business?

Faster mobile data speeds can deliver greater productivity gains on your smart devices. Considering a technology shift in your business? The team at Key Communications can recommend a Step-by-Step approach – Providing service redundancy, giving your business time to adjust and supporting staff up-take of new technologies and services.

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