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Obama Signs Internet Over to United Nations

Obama Signs Internet Over to United Nations

Obama Signs Internet Over to United Nations

The Obama administration's plan to hand off control of the agency responsible for administering critical functions of the Internet (ICANN) is likely to result in human rights abuses by countries like Iran and China, US senators are warning. • Will finalize the transaction effective Oct 1st 2016 • Move means the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority will move from US control to a global one
The US has been the official control over the internet since its start. Threats to the openness and freedom of the internet are real. The Ip addresses used to point to a web server are what ICANN assigns written names to. ICANN's president said there is no method of control any such government can exercise to control the internet as a whole. The genius of the internet - as instilled in it's architechture by its founders - is that no one can capture it.

If ICANN was controlled by any other country alone, would that have been an issue for America? It seems this issue needs more attention than a couple of senators arguing power. We need to think about what the internet did for liberty and freedom of speach, and come up with a solution that is fair to all.

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