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Conferencing Quick Facts

No more exorbitant per call rates

No huge data pipes required – Cloud based uplink does all the heavy lifting

Do away with highly expensive enterprise hardware cost that can set you back $50k+

Highly accessible and affordable solution for business of all size

Its Video Conferencing in the Cloud

Delivering video conferencing to business for a flat monthly fee per user, regardless of the number of calls.

Really user-friendly, just plug your video conferencing system into the Internet and connect via the Cloud. From there you can invite your team to participate in your video call and join together up to 25 connections (any combination or boardrooms, offices, laptops, phones or tablets). Once your Cloud conferencing service is downloaded onto a laptop and/or mobile device, users can connect to your meetings anywhere, anytime, on any device.

The travel and productivity savings alone make video conferencing an easy decision for companies with a highly mobile workforce, sizable travel budgets, or multi-site operations. Include the time savings and collaboration improvements and you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Cloud Video Conferencing is Feature Rich

Dial into virtual meeting rooms – Invite customers or suppliers to join a virtual meeting - Connect your team across the hall or around the globe.

Applications for tablets, laptops and smart phones keep your whole team connected on all technologies - Supporting a wide range of leading mobile devices: Mac®, PC, iOS and Android™

Up to 25 video participants per call - considering each participant can be either an individual or an entire conference room full of people, this radically simple cloud service is perfect for businesses big or small.

Merge meetings with just a click
Remove individual participants with a click
Individual calling
Presence status included, so you can view availability, IM or Video chat
Participants can attend via there browser
Document sharing capable

A Very Cost Effective Solution

Traditionally Video Conferencing was reserved for big corporations, with deep pockets. Fully implemented solutions costing businesses $100,000 and up. With all the heavy lifting done in the cloud, there are substantial cost savings for businesses

No added strain on I.T.

Everything is plug and play, even firewall traversal, business-class security and data encryption. Gone are the days of needing a system administrator to support every video call. It's all built-in



What you will pay compared to traditional Video Conference costs

Where to start?

You can read all you like about Video Conferencing, but the BEST way to truly understand is to experience it for yourself.

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