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Brisbane I.T. Networking Services

An efficient and productive business depends upon a robust computer network, vital for communicating within your office and externally to vital stakeholders. We understand the importance of having a reliable system and can assist you with achieving this

Based on your budget and requirements we can supply a new Server tailored to your business. All our Servers are built and configured by the Key Communications team and tested prior to server installation within your network. If you are having issues with your current setup Key Communications can perform server maintenance audit your current solution and offer recommendations for new equipment or improvements based on what is a priority within your business.


Home office or business networking setup and installation.

Device Sharing

Network printing / scanning and sharing files across your network.

Automate Backups

Setting up Network data backups to keep your valuable files secure.

Securing Networks

Securing your wireless networks to prevent hackers into your system.

Server Setup

Server setup, configuration and maintenance such as: web server, email server, database server, file server, print server, DNS, DHCP, LDAP and firewall(s).

The Done-For-You Managed Office

Talk to Key Communications about ways to remove the bottlenecks faced by traditional business models, gain a competitive edge both in how your business is run and How your business is marketed.

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Contact us now to explore whether there are network efficiencies that can be achieved for your business. We'll be happy to share our industry knowledge and experience to give you the best idea on what benefits and improvements you can expect.

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Even if we do say so ourselves! The reality is that the way Brisbane businesses are communicating is changing, and rapidly; our aim is to provide more than a list of the latest mobile phones, we aim to equip Brisbane businesses with a strategy for modernizing their business communications, how do we do this? Get in contact and we'll show you how!

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We understand better than most the impact technology is having on the way Brisbane businesses are doing business, our aim is to provide more than cloud services, we want to equip you with a strategy for modernizing your business communications.

That is why we offer Brisbane business our communications and technology performance analysis, in addition to providing recommendations for costs and efficiency improvements the Key Communication team will provide you with...

  • The costs associated with upgrading, maintaining and scaling your new business technology
  • The benefits associated with automated security and back-up protocols for cloud based services
  • The expectations associated with accessing content on multiple devices in multiple location

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