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ISDN Cut-offs and nbn: How not to get left behind!

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Don't get left behind.
Affect on business
Telstra have decided to relinquish their ISDN services across Australia by the year 2022. It is expected that before this time, underlying services the platforms they run on will no longer be supported by associated vendors. This means that Telstra will no longer provision or maintain properly the associated services. However you will not be left without options. During this period Telstra's National-Broadband-Network is expected to reach 92% of Australian residences. It is due to this that copper based networks will need to be disconnected periodically over different regions as new infrastructure is laid.
Affected services
The plan is expected to affect the following services: ISDN2, ISDN10/20/30: including ISDN2, ISDN2 Enhanced, ISDN10/20/30, ISDN Dual Node, ISDN Diverse Access, ISDN Backup, and Argent (including Argent Dedicated, Argent Connect, Argent TAS, Argent Dial). For full details of the plan please see Plan Details. For a more condensed version, please refer to the table on the right of the screen.
How we can help.
Please Contact us and begin your message with "ISDN cut-off" to enquire as to how we can help.
Also be sure to see our earlier post on the subject to upgrade to FTTP.
To make your migration easier, let us do an audit of your services, assess how your business will be affected and we can discuss your migration options.
30 June 2018 Services will not be available for purchase by new customers.
30 June 2018 Services will not be available for purchase by existing Telstra customers who already receive the services as at that date. However, such existing customers will continue to be able to make configuration, software and record changes to services for each of the services, as outlined in Required Measure 5(D)).
From 30 September 2019
  • services will be disconnected in areas where the area’s rollout region disconnection date falls on or before 30 September 2019; or
  • for areas in which the rollout region disconnection date falls after 30 September 2019, services will disconnect as per the rollout region disconnection timetable.
By 2022 the final exit date for any services that have not been disconnected in accordance with the above will occur by 2022. We shall communicate the date in due course.

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