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Introducing Meraki Presence: Integrated Location Analytics and engagement

Introducing Meraki Presence: Integrated Location Analytics and engagement

Get a greater insight into your business with location analytics.

Interface for location analytics, WiFi with Facebook login, open APIs and more.
Known as a CMX (Short for Connected Mobile Experience), this revolutionary device, featuring comprehensive mobile analytics and engagement platform, is ideal for both cloud managed and on-site solutions.

The CMX tackles some of the newest issues in commercial IT, building network features that engage with the customer, and can solve new business problems. Cisco's new network suite expands the role that a network can play within an enterprise. But how does it do this?

Presence cultivates insight into behaviour of mobile devices across locations, as well as providing features to improve on-premise customer experience. These features include:
  • Real time location metrics, displayed in a friendly administrative backend.
  • The Presence API, which allows you to integrate real time location data into your customer relationship management and business systems.
  • In-built 3rd party analytics integration.

Use the Meraki Analytics Dashboard to view visitor trends.

Location analytics dashboard:
Unlike conventional systems, requiring dedicated systems software, Presence analytics are available out of the box, with no additional cost (No tedious assembly required, even the batteries are already included!). This shows real-time data, including capture rate, median visit length, and visitor repeat rate for mobile devices in proximity to your Meraki APs. See below for a view of what the dashboard looks like.

Possible Use-cases:

  • Real Estate: Gain an understanding of how prospective buyers navigate through new show-houses.
  • Cafes and Restaurants: Analyse customer wait-times to improve queuing.
  • Retail: View customer flow through aisles and compare effectiveness of retail displays throughout multi-store locations.

Cisco Meraki WiFi with Facebook login
Cisco and Facebook partnered to allow guests to log in to Meraki WiFi access points with their Facebook account. This creates a seamless experience for users, and helps businesses expand their social marketing and engagement.

Presence API
This feature allows for real-time location statistics to be plugged in to your applications. One possible use might be to combine Presence and EXCAP APIs to prompt guest WiFi users to enter phone numbers or email addresses to gain access, enabling push notifications to staff when a top customer visits, or the delivery of targeted customer offers.

3rd-party analytics integration
Cisco Meraki are now working collaboratively with various analytics vendors, meaning you can parse raw data with any of these applications (and the list is growing!):
  • Euclid Analytics
  • Nearbuy Systems
  • WalkBase
  • Nomi
  • Swarm
  • Boldstreet Wireless
  • Purple WiFiZ
Not sure how this will work for your business? We can help! Call us on 1300 755 615, or contact us.
Meraki Presence Dashboard

Meraki Presence Dashboard

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