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Fleet Complete
fleet complete

The Ultimate Fleet, Asset & Mobile Workforce Platform

Fleet Complete provide fleet-owning businesses around the world with smart technologies that help solve their unique problems every day. Real-time vehicle and equipment location, vehicle engine health, driver safety, and performance analytics are key parts of an effective fleet management solution. Fleet Complete is a feature-rich integrated platform that can be catered to your operations needs and help lower the total cost of fleet ownership.

Fleet Complete Solutions

Driver Safety
fleet complete gps The Driver Safety Module helps minimise the inherent risk to lone workers, utilising the very latest in communications and GPS technology. Safety is not just about driver welfare. Owners, directors and managers can be held liable for accidents which occur on the road. Fleet Complete offers greater insight into the fleet’s performance, managers can better assess driving patterns and coach drivers to reduce risky behavior. Reduction in speeding, harsh breaking, and harsh accelerating helps prolong vehicle health and lower chances of collisions and violations.
Fleet Optimisation
fleet complete vehicle track With Fleet Complete, you gain a one-stop-shop platform that connects you to all of your fleet resources, whether mobile or stationary, including your team in the field an outside mobile coverage. It will help you automate time-consuming tasks, and do more with less. You will see significant improvements in fuel utilisation, vehicle safety and staff productivity. Having the operational agility, better customer service and financial savings will giving your business the competitive advantage it needs.
Asset Tracking
fleet complete gps tracking Your high-value equipment and machinery are the backbone of your business and having these assets sit idle can result in unnecessary upkeep and opportunity costs. Even worse are the expenses incurred in the event of theft, loss, or misuse. Getting alerted to any unauthorised activity will help minimise extraneous costs, while having visibility into the precise location of your assets and their operational status will allow you to get the most out of your investment. Asset Tracker is a low cost battery powered GPS solution that gives you the visibility you require without the need to be onsite 24/7.
Journey Management
fleet complete Journey Management Planning is an essential process to ensure the safety of workers driving for extended periods, particularly in remote locations. Not all late arrivals represent an emergency, but knowing exactly where your personnel are at any given time can be critical to worker safety. Fleet Complete keep you up to date where drivers are throughout the journey, if an accident has occurred and exactly where to send emergency services if they fail to arrive at their destination.
Enterprise Services Group
fleet complete gps The Fleet Complete Enterprise Services team are available to partially or fully setup and run your database and reporting for you. They will act as your IVMS administrator and provide you with the reports needed to reach your goals.
Reporting Software
fleet complete gps tracking The Fleet Complete Web platform provides your business the ability to assess your fleet performance and identify opportunities to improve your operational time management. Our robust reporting feature offers a suite of configurable reports in Excel, PDF, and other formats. Schedule them on a regular basis or run them on-demand and get the detailed data from the field when you need it. Fleet Complete’s live dashboard and report module provide you with up-to-date comprehensive business intelligence to help you take your business to the next level.

The benefits

  • Increase the productivity and safety of your vehicles with the ability to locate your entire fleet at any time
  • Monitor and manage the behaviour of each driver
  • Ensure compliance with Workplace Health & Safety legislation
  • Reduce unnecessary vehicle expenses including fuel costs
  • Improve the condition of your vehicles by reducing wear and tear
  • Customise your solution to your individual business requirements

Fleet Complete Hardware

Fleet Complete Hardware
Fleet Complete hardware connects to your vehicle's Engine Control Module through the OBD-II connector and provides your fleet managers accurate vehicle data, such as true odometer readings, Diagnostic Trouble Codes, engine status and fuel consumption. Take full advantage of the DTC rules and reporting to improve your vehicle performance and fleet efficiency.


The Garmin in-cab screen allows you to send and receive driver messages, dispatch jobs to staff and navigate them to the location or address where they are required, using a driver-centric user interface.


Our add-on Iridium Satellite module ensures that your vehicles are always within communication range, even when your fleet leaves network carrier coverage.


Lone workers are inherently at greater risk in the event of an accident or emergency, especially when travelling between remote sites, making it vital to provide a quick response to a precise location.

In-Vehicle Duress

In-Vehicle Duress
Located centrally, within easy reach in the vehicle, a driver simply needs to push the button all the way in until hearing a click. This will send the location of the vehicle in the event of an emergency.

Driver ID

Driver ID
Driver ID adds an added element of safety, know who is driving what vehicle and when. With employees often operating multiple vehicles it can be hard to know where each person is at any time, with Driver ID eliminate the uncertainties with each individual having their own ID.

FBT Logbook

FBT Logbook
The Electronic Logbook solution is a simple and convenient way to automate your time-consuming vehicle logbook and calculate your maximum FBT return. • Task Tracker - This cost-effective mobile application was specifically designed to help you manage multiple projects and jobs in the field. Send activities to mobile workers based on their geographical location and workload and easily keep track of all completed or pending assignments.

    GPS Tracking Devices & Fleet Management Products

    Fleet Complete provides an extensive range of innovative GPS tracking devices to help Australasian businesses improve fleet tracking, asset management and driver performance.

    GPS tracking devices can be installed in company fleets of any size. Whether you operate within the gas and mining industry, transportation industry or service industries, we have a vehicle tracking solution to suit your needs.

    Contact us for a full range of products and pricing.

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