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New Tech - Google Home

New Tech – Google Home

Google I/O 2016: What Has Been Announced

New Technology coming later this year from Google

Google Home device

Google will be releasing a new device that looks like a more sophisticated OnHub router in a sylinder shape. Like Amazon's Echo, it features far-field voice recognition, which means it will hear you no matter where you are in the room - even with ambience and other sounds.

Just activate the device, and you can tell it to play music, videos (via Google Cast) and ask it questions.

Exactly what you'd expect it to do.

Of course, Google Home will play nice with Google's other devices, such as the Chromecast and Nest devices; you can also control speakers and other devices in different rooms. It's also great for typical tasks, such as to-do lists, shopping lists, alarms and more.

Google says Google Home is in its "early days" with plans to launch the product later in the year.

  • Small speaker that you plug into the wall that will hear you
  • Will answer questions
  • Play music
  • Will have LEDs
  • Can customize base with different colored shells to match your decor
  • Can communicate with Chromecast
  • Won’t support multiple Google accounts at launch


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