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Drone Attack on Venezuelan President Maduro

According to the Venezuelan Government, President Nicolás Maduro as survived an assassination attempt. The alleged attack occurred during a live speech on Saturday the 4th of August. Maduro's speech was in commemoration of the Venezuelan National Guard, and was given in the capital Caracas. The attack was believed to be carried out via two drones laden with explosives, detonating near to his position. A video (shown below) captures the incident, wherein a loud bang is heard, causing Maduro and those around him to look up. The camera then cuts to to Venezuelan soldiers scattering in the streets.

Shortly after the attack Venezuela's Communication's Minister confirmed the attack, claiming it was carried out by drone-like devices that carried explosives. The President was uninjured, however several National Guard soldiers are said to have been injured. According to Reuters a group calling itself the "National Movement of Soldier's in T-shirts" has claimed responsibility.

Nothing however is clear at this point as reports from Firefighters at the scene contradict the Communication Minister's account. The account is also different to that which is reported by Reuters, mentioning stating that drones were shot down by snipers. The Reuters account also claims Maduro since accused Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, but that he gave no evidence in support of the claim. Apparently has also claimed that financiers of the attack and several of those "intellectually responsible" reside in the US, and since then, US National Security Advisor John Bolton has told Fox News the US was not behind the attack.

This is the latest in a long line of incident's and represents an uncertain future for the consumer drone industry, especially in Venezuela. With the falling price of consumer drones, recent incidents of this kind have been on the rise. Many may have the not-so-distant memory of armed drones attacking a Russian base in Syria and A US ally firing a $3 million Patriot Missile at a $200 drone

What's in store for Drones?

What's in store for Drones?
This represent's uncertainty for the future of commercial drones, at least in Venezuela.