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January 30, 2017
hp laptop

HP Laptop Batteries catching fire – recalled

What is it with modern batteries? HP Laptop Batteries catching fire – recalled Users are advised to check the barcodes on their batteries. If they start…
December 7, 2016
apps 365

Collaboration in Office 365

We found this article on Microsoft’s blog. It is outlining the new capabilities of the collaborative workplace coming to Office 365 users. New to Office 365…
December 5, 2016
microsoft 365

Microsoft HomeHub feature coming

Microsoft is planning to build a HomeHub feature into future Windows 10 updates to better compete against devices like Google Home and Amazon’s Echo. Sources familiar…
November 4, 2016
Crypto virus threat

Crypto Virus

October 24, 2016
3d feeling touching

Microsoft 3D research goes touchy feely

Now if this is not indicating where 3D virtualisation is going, I don’t know what  is. We found this article very interesting and want to hear…
September 26, 2016

Opera Browser giving free VPN service

Opera browser unveils free, unlimited VPN service VPNs, or virtual private networks, are a must to keep you safer online. Over the past few years over…
July 11, 2016

Samsung unveils world’s first UFS memory cards – the successor to microSD

READ SPEEDS FIVE TIMES FASTER THAN THE BEST MICROSD CARDS The release of the UFS memory card is here. They come after microSD cards for removable…