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Key Communications Maintenance customers get priority support

Maintenance Customers


Key Communications has over 20 years of experience in designing and deploying communications solutions. We pride ourselves on our commitment to developing and maintaining the necessary skills to deploy and support our customer’s solutions.

Affordability With your phone system being arguably the most vital piece of electronic equipment in your office and a huge aspect of your business – can you afford for your system to be non operational for any length of period? Rest assured you have purchased a Panasonic system that is state-of-the art, of the highest quality and which will deliver reliable service for many years.
Reduced disruption However, faults are unpredictable and can occur to anyone at anytime. Key Communications maintenance has been designed to keep your business running smoothly and with minimum disruption. It also ensures that you get the most from your communication system by freeing you up to do what you do best.

Key Communications offers Total maintenance cover that includes;

  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement
  • Prioritized email address
  • Dedicated customer portal
  • Extended coverage hours
  • Loan handset equipment
  • Loan main equipment
  • Priority access to critical spares stock
  • Parts and Labour (discounts for non-warranty related labour)
  • Help Desk support for remote changes and logging Telstra faults
  • Complimentary Labour Vouchers

Breakdown of Maintenance

Guaranteed response time in the event of total or partial loss of your Customers on this level have priority access to our critical spares stock (important when storms cause widespread damage and many systems are affected).
Loan equipment supplied if faulty parts cannot be replaced immediately.
Labour charges are fully covered.
Equipment Faulty equipment fully covered.
Discount 15% discount off our standard labour rates for any non-warranty related work.
Service Portal Access Customers will have access to Key Communications’ service portal where they can log tickets of work and check their progress 24/7.
Helpdesk No charge for calls to the help desk with any operational questions during business hours.
Helpdesk No charge for any remote programming work.
Telstra support No charge for liaising with and resolution of any Telstra network faults.
Hours Extended coverage hours.
Maintenance service visits; that will include any preventative software upgrades released by the manufacturer, new curly cords, further user training if required, programming changes and updating handset button keys and labels.

Service Level Agreement

SLA target response and restoration levels will apply depending on the nature of the incident with a guaranteed response time from Key Communications of 2 Hours*

Incident Priority

Target Restoration^

Priority 1:- A critical Service is unavailable to the customer or it is very seriously impaired by the incident. Service level commitments will not be met or are seriously jeopardised by the incident. The impact on the customer is severe with many End-users unable to perform their normal work. Customer has no readily available alternative way of performing normal work.



Maximum 10 business hours

Priority 2:- A critical Service is impaired by the incident. Service level commitments are jeopardised by the incident. There is a major impact on the customer’s business. Many End-users have difficulty performing their normal work, or individual End-users are unable to perform their normal work. Customer has no readily available alternative way of performing normal work.



Maximum 30 business hours

Priority 3:- A non-critical Service is unavailable or is impaired by incident. Service Level commitments are impaired in a minor way by the incident. There is a minor impact on customer’s business. End-users have difficulty performing only part of their normal work or can undertake other work while the incident is being rectified.



Maximum 40 business hours

* Response Times – This is the time from first notification of an issue to Key Communication to when contact is made with customer to initiate resolution
^ Restoration Times – This is the time from customer contact by Key Communications to service/hardware restoration for faults. This can include temporary solutions.


All non-maintenance customers pay a nominal fee per service ticket for all non-contractual Telstra / Service tasks

Services / Billing Work

All adds, moves and changes on Telstra accounts, services and billing

  • Change of Lessee
  • Relocation work
  • Billing issues
  • Modifications
  • Telstra Faults

From $75 + GST Per service Ticket

Technical Work

All adds, moves, changes and tasks requiring a technician to address issues is as follows

  • Faulty Telstra lines
  • Faulty equipment equip. not covered by warranty
  • Faulty infrastructure inc. cabling, points and racks

Remote From $70 p.h. + GST Billed in increments of 15 minutes

Onsite From $140 p.h. + GST Billed in increments of 15 minutes


All office relocations are quoted on a project basis - Please contact one of our friendly account managers to arrange a quotation for you relocation requirements.


A higher level of cover is available for a low monthly fee

Key Comm Telstra Support

Completely covering your business Services and Billing Work - Your Telstra services are looked after with priority escalations and a portal for logging and tracking your support tickets for a small monthly fee.

Key Comm Total Maintenance

Completely covering your Services / Billing and Technical Work - Your onsite equipment and Telstra services are looked after with priority escalations and a portal for logging and tracking your support tickets for a small monthly fee.

Key Comm Tech Wise Support

Incorporating both levels of cover above in addition to - Proactively managing your entire ICT support requirements tailored to the scale and size of your business

Read more on our service offering in ICT.

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