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Mobile Broadband for Business

Stay connected on the go

Telstra's new My Business Mobile Data plans now come with more included data than ever before. You can also pool your data with all eligible devices on the same account so that you can maximise your plan.

Connect your staff

With a My Business Mobile Data plan you can connect on the go, there’s no need to search for Wi-Fi.

Share your plan’s data

Automatically share your unused data with eligible devices on the same account – the more plans you have, the bigger your data pool.

A network without equal

Connecting your device to the Telstra Mobile Network gives you access to the largest and most reliable mobile network in Australia.

Make your data work harder

Our new My Mobile Data plans are designed with sharing in mind. Share your data with your own devices or with the family. Enjoy the freedom of sharing between phones, tablets and Wi-Fi devices all on the same account.

Things you need to know:

Device Repayments: If you cancel early the remaining device payments will be higher as you’ll no longer receive a credit to offset your device cost. My Business Mobile Data plans: Some usage is excluded such as content charges and use overseas. Unused allowances expire monthly. Data Sharing: Your monthly data allowance will be shared between all eligible services on the same account. Your Mobile Broadband SIM cannot be used in a mobile handset. Extra Data: If you go over your Monthly Data Allowance, we automatically add data to your allowance for that month in 1GB blocks for $10 per GB. Extra Data is for use in Australia with eligible plans, is shared between eligible data sharing services on your account and expires at the end of that billing month. If you take up a new My Business plan, or request Extra Data for your account, we’ll switch all eligible services on your account to Extra Data (which will replace the old per MB charging model for those services moving forward).