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Telstra Accredited Business Partner

Being a Telstra Business Partner means exactly that. We’re the experts trusted by Telstra to deliver tailored, end-to-end solutions for small to medium businesses. And, working closely with you, we design them to meet your objectives. Combining our local knowledge with the power of Telstra’s network, we’re here to help you grow your business. By partnering for success, we’re making business better together.

From single to fully integrated needs, we’re certified in the following Telstra solutions:


Unified communications:

We specialise in IP telephony and integrated tools from Telstra to get your staff collaborating seamlessly.
Telstra Cloud Collaboration - TIPT: With hosted IP telephony from Telstra, we deliver the latest in video and collaboration tools within your business and beyond.
Telstra SIP Connect: We connect your existing phone systems to the Next IP network, making the transition to Enterprise-wide IP communications easy, even across premises.
Telstra Business Systems: With Telstra we can deliver the broadest ICT solutions in Australia, so you can implement, upgrade or migrate to the latest IP telephony with ease.


Next IP:

We integrate your data, mobility and cloud connectivity, as well as optimise application performance, by accessing the Telstra IP network.
Managed network services: With fully managed equipment and operations from Telstra, we can free up your IT teams to get the most out of your network.
Telstra Internet Direct: We connect you to Telstra’s dedicated carrier-grade Internet service for high-speed, always-on operations.

Telstra Mobility Solutions

We tailor flexible Telstra mobility solutions to keep your teams connected and increase productivity.
Business Fleet Connect: We provide flexible Telstra business plans for calls, SMS, emails and data sharing to keep you connected.
Machine to Machine service (M2M): A dedicated option for your business, gain greater control with our choice of computer and storage capabilities.
Mobility Managed Service: With our expert maintenance, security and support, we take the stress out of managing your mobility solutions, including for your mobility fleet.
Mobility Applications: With a range of Telstra business applications, we help you streamline processes, save time and improve productivity.
Mobility Professional Service: We manage the integration of applications and other services into your mobility fleet.

Why the Telstra Network

The Telstra Mobile Network is Australia’s largest mobile network covering more than 2.3 Million square kilometres – that’s over twice what the other networks say they cover. The Telstra Mobile Network also offers four times the 4G coverage area of any other mobile network. Telstra 4G is available in all capital CBDs, many suburban areas and over 300 regional towns across Australia.