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Abandon ship for Quicktime for Windows

Abandon ship for Quicktime for Windows

Uninstall now! Apple abandons QuickTime for Windows

Apple is ending support for Quicktime for Windows, putting users at risk

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All PC users are urged to uninstall Quicktime from their computers, over fears that weaknesses in the software could leave them vulnerable to cyber-criminals. PC users only. Not Mac users.

As discovered by security firm Trend Micro, Apple, which develops Quicktime, is ending its support for the Windows version of the software.

This means it will no longer be issuing security updates, making it easier for hackers to use the software as a way into their targets' computers. The firm's experts also identified two "critical vulnerabilities" affecting the software, which could provide a window for hackers to launch cyberattacks against users.

Urgent Call to Action: Uninstall QuickTime for Windows Today

Why this matters:

Whenever software is about to be abandoned it’s always a good idea to move away from it - or at least start planning to. That goes double for software with known flaws that allow the bad guys to execute code on your machine. QuickTime used to be an important piece of software for Windows users. But these days you don’t need it to watch movie trailers on Apple’s site and it's no longer used by iTunes to play media on Windows. There’s little reason for the vast majority of Windows users to keep QuickTime on their PCs. This kind of 'deprecation' happens fairly frequently, as software companies introduce new products and decide to stop spending time working on outdated programs. Microsoft officially ended support for versions 8, 9 and 10 of Internet Explorer in January, leaving people still using them open to the same kinds of cyberattacks.
However, Microsoft told users in advance that support for these versions would cease - there appears to have been no similar warnings from Apple, although the company has been slowly winding up their support for Quicktime for Windows for a few years. Trend Micro said there was no evidence that any hackers had exploited the Quicktime vulnerabilities so far, but since Apple won't be issuing any more security updates or keeping up with hacker activity against the software, it's now a prime target.

We’re putting the word out that everyone should uninstall QuickTime for Windows as soon as possible.

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