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A checklist for Moving: Managing your phone system

A checklist for Moving: Managing your phone system

Moving offices can be a pain, doubly so if you don't know what you need in order to move your phone system to the new premises. Luckily Keycomm is here to help. If you aren't yet using an nbn compatible phone system, we strongly recommend it as the nbn is rolling out currently in Australia. A map of its rollout can be seen here. Whatever stage you're at, this step by step guide can take the confusion and frustration out of the process. To make the process as easy as possible, get in contact with Key Communications below. Similarly, if you're looking to make the switch to a cloud based system, click the link to be directed to a Brisbane based cloud communications company

Take stock, and decide whether to keep your current system or upgrade

This information will be useful if you want to upgrade, but also it is important to know exactly how much you need to move.

Check if the new location is on the nbn yet

For locations in Australia, the answer is either that the nbn is here or that it's coming. That means that you're going to need an nbn compatible phone system at some point. If your current system is not ready, there is little point in taking it with you.

Check the new location here

nbn map

Decide what you're going to need

If your system is nbn compatible, you may want to consult Key Communications about helping migrate the existing systems. Though if you don't want to carry unnecessary equipment around, the next sections may be helpful to you.

To find out more about nbn compatible systems, contact us.

To find out about cloud solutions, swapping out large PBXs for remotely hosted systems, check out this company

Determine what kind of system you need at the new location

If you want to use your existing systems, it is important that you paid careful attention in taking stock of it at the current location.

To ensure the new location's network is ready for whatever network you need, contact us.

Contact us for nbn compatible phone systems

Keep the phone lines active while you move

This is where cloud systems really set themselves apart, as keeping the service running is incredibly easy. If you're opting for a traditional phone system, be sure to contact us in advance to ensure you can maintain your service.

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If you're relocating offices this more than likely applies to you, find out what you need to do to ensure business continuity and stay ahead of the curve.

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